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Oct. 18th, 2004 @ 12:43 am General Meeting & Halloween Party
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Otaku Jesus
Copied from an email sent out to the organization, for those who may need to know :)

Greetings TMT members!
We have two announcements to make about upcoming events.
First, next Monday (10/25) at 7pm, we will have our third general meeting in Baldwin Basement. This meeting is MANDATORY for all members. Our historian Elysse will be leading a workshop on how to behave properly depending on your station. Plot: you know who you are - top of the food chain; Pubsingers: you are guests at the feast; Theatre: you are at the very bottom (sorry, but that's how they were viewed!); and everyone else is serving. Elysse will go more into detail about the general mind frame of the Middle Ages.
Second, TMT will be having a Halloween party on Saturday 10/30 at 7pm in LC30 (it's underneath the Library, right behind LC28, by the MRC office - if you need better directions, just email us). We will be watching "Army of Darkness", as per the combat head's suggestion. We feel this movie is fitting for Halloween, as it tastelessly blends the Middle Ages with ruthless slaughter. The MRC has been gracious enough to let us use the equipment for free, but we ask that everyone who is coming bring something like soda, cups, chips, candy, etc. (Don't everybody bring cups!) Bring some money too, in case people feel like ordering pizza.
We hope to see everyone soon,
Arthur and Ali